Garritan CFX Concert Grand Presets for Aria Player





25 customized presets for loading CFX Garritan Concert Grand in Aria Player with different microphone perspectives. Each preset comes with 3 mics perspectives that can be played and heard at once! Below are audio demos of each preset.  (Audio excerpts from The Modern Jazz Pianist by PGMusic Inc.)

Audio Samples:

🔈 CFX 3 Mics Aud.aria

🔈 CFX 3 Mics Perf.aria

🔈 CFX APA Tmbr -10.aria

🔈 CFX APA Tmbr 10.aria

🔈 CFX APA.aria

🔈 CFX Aud.aria

🔈 CFX PAP Tmbr -10.aria

🔈 CFX PAP Tmbr 10.aria

🔈 CFX PAP.aria

🔈 CFX Perf.aria

How to Load the presets in Aria Player?

All the 16 presets come within a zip file, once decompressed to your desktop, please open Aria Player app, go to the decompressed folder named GARRITAN CFX CONCERT GRAND ARIA PLAYER PRESETS then drag any preset to the Aria Player app. You may also try File/Open/… 

Important note:

  • You might want to update your Aria engine by going here
  • Aria Player can be downloaded for free from this link
  • You can also try updating Aria Player and its engine by going to Settings as shown below:

  • You might also want to increase the memory allocation and disk pre-cash like below: (These settings work fine for me)blank


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