BopMusic Fonts Set for Finaleā„¢ [Windows & MacOS]




For both Mac & Windows

BopMusic Fonts Set Package comes on a Zip-File, in order to install the fonts on your system please follow the following steps:

  1. Decompress the zip file.
  2. Windows: COPY the fonts to your Fonts Folder (infos)
  3. Mac:Ā DRAG the fonts to your FontBook (infos)
  4. Youā€™ll have to Copy the file:Ā Ā found within the decompressed folder to Finale’s Font Annotation directory.
  5. Copy the file library:Ā BOP DEFAULT.lib to Finale’s Libraries directory.
  6. Make sure to add BopMusicFIN (in alphabetical order) to the file MacSymbolFonts.txt found in Finale’s Configuration Files directory.
  7. Run Finale, go to Document/Set Default Music Font… select ‘BopMusicFIN’Ā click OK to take effect of the changes.
  8. Go to Finale/Preferences/Open… make sure that: “Automatically Sync Files to Symbols Fonts List” is checked.

You can also load the customized library ‘BOP DEFAULT.lib’Ā from File/Load Library… as an alternative. Follow this link to download it.

Missing Font Annotation File dialog box:

Finale 25 and Finale 26 can Auto-Generate Font Annotation information for future use, so if you encounter such message just click Auto-Generate and it’s done. (more infos here)

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