Licence Agreement – End User Licence Agreement is an agreement between and the end user which the end user must accept before purchasing and using fonts. What you are purchasing are not the fonts themselves, but a licence for their use. This licence agreements sets out what is permitted and what isn’t while using the fonts. You’ll find the details of the licences here: EULA

Extended licences

You can now take advantage of extended licence cover. Besides the basic Print licence, you can also select a discounted Print + Web bundle, or if you only need web fonts, a Web licence. The eBooks licence is designed for electronic book publication; the Mobile licence lets you install fonts for your mobile applications. You’ll find the details of the licences here:  EULA

Licence holder

Anyone who needs to use our fonts, and therefore install our fonts, must be a licence holder. If you are a graphic designer and are working on a solution for your client, the licence should be made out in your name. If the client himself needs to use the fonts in a graphic solution conceived by you, he must purchase his own licence in his name.

Numbers of licences and multi-licence

Like any other software, fonts are licensed for a certain number of computers. The basic licence allows installation on up to five computers in one geographic location. If you need to install fonts on more hard drives, choose the adequate number of computers in the shopping basket. The number of licences can be increased even after purchasing a font. Please contact us for more informations.

Time limits for font use

There are no time limits for the use of the fonts. Purchased fonts can be used indefinitely if your editing software allows it.

Embedding fonts into PDF files

Because a substantial part of the font source code is embedded into a document when creating PDF files, creating PDF files is permitted only for the purpose of creating print templates. Public PDF files may only be created if embedding of fonts is disabled.

Using fonts for applications and devices

Embedding fonts into applications is only possible in a converted format (bitmap or vector objects), alternatively in a secure format, to prevent extraction of the font from the source code of the application. Should you need to use the font in software or as part of hardware, a special licence must be purchased – please contact us via email in such a case.

Using fonts in logo creation

If you’re the designer, the simplest way to hand over the logotype to your client is in vector outlines. That way the logotype maintains all of its intended characteristics and the client will not need his own license for using the font.

Return Policy

All purchases are final and non-refundable given the numerical nature of our products.