How to use LeadSheet Fonts with Sibelius?

LeadSheet Fonts Set Package comes on a Zip-File, in order to install the fonts on your system please follow the following steps:

1. Decompress the zip file.

  • Windows: COPY the fonts to your Fonts Folder (infos)
  • Mac: DRAG the fonts to your FontBook (infos)

2. You’ll have to Setup the Preferences from Sibelius/File menu like below:

a. Click Choose… and select the music font ‘LeadSheetFIN’ from Choose font window;
b. Click Add Font button;
c. Once you setup the font substitution fields as shown below, click on Set Substitutions button to take effect of the changes.


Applying LeadSheet Fonts to your Sibelius Score:

(Same settings for both Mac and Windows users)

IT IS EASY to apply LeadSheet House Style to any given score, though LeadSheet Fonts are mapped the same way like Inkpen2, Helsinki and Opus fonts witch came bundled with Sibelius.

In order to apply LeadSheet Fonts look to a given score, the following steps are important: House Style > Edit All Fonts then try the following settings from the picture below: