Moroccan Pianist, Composer and Arranger, Author & Researcher, Sound Developer & Type Designer


Born into a family of musicians, a (self-taught) professional jazz pianist, educator, author, researcher in musicology and also a type designer, a passionate about hand-lettering, comic-lettering and Architect lettering. I wrote JAZZOLOGY: The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for all Musicians (with Bob Rawlins in 2005). I am especially interested in jazz, traditional music of the Maghreb, African, and Oriental music which all influence his compositions. I created with the bassist Hamza Souissi THE B’LDi JAZZ TRIO through which we develop a creative, intense and expressive Moroccan jazz music which leaves a lot of room for improvisation. I evolve, thus, in a world in which jazz, Moroccan, African and Oriental music meet to create surprising and memorable melodies. I performed many rearrangements of Moroccan traditional music such as Gnawa, Melhoun, Andalussi and Ghernati music. In addition to having played with several Moroccan and foreign jazz musicians in different styles, I participated in such other musical projects as the “Palimpsests” project held in 2012 by Moroccan jazz saxophonist Karim Soussan with whom we made many arrangements for Africa United band. As a member of The Souissi Brothers Jazz Quartet, I composed several themes with a unique fusion of North African music heritage and jazz. I’m currently the pianist of the moroccan diva singer Nabyla Maan to whom I arranged several songs especially the best watched one on YouTube Chems El Achiy and the successful song Ghzel Fatma with my jazzy touch. I also play with JAZZ’AMAZIGH Quartet with whom I co-arranged several tunes with Oussema Chtouki the bass player and Meryem Assid the singer. Now I’m writing a second and a third book devoting to jazz improvisation and jazz piano harmony:

—Essential Elements in Jazz Improvisation: Technical Studies For The Developing Musicians

—Jazz Piano: Advanced Harmonic Movements

I’m 45 years old, I used to teach jazz piano at the Rabat American School, I perform with my MoroJazz Tinge Trio/Quartet, I’m a father of two wonderful kids Besma and Camil.