Moroccan Jazz Pianist, Composer and Arranger, Author & Researcher, Sound Developer & Type Designer

Nor Eddine Bahha taught himself to play piano and synths from age eight. He wrote JAZZOLOGY: The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for all Musicians (with Robert Rawlins in 2005). He is especially interested in jazz, traditional music of the Maghreb, African, and Oriental music which all influence his
compositions. He created with the bassist Hamza Souissi THE B’LDi JAZZ TRIO through which they develop a creative, intense and expressive Moroccan jazz music which leaves a lot of room for improvisation. He evolves, thus, in a world in which jazz, Moroccan and Oriental music meet to create surprising and memorable melodies. He performed many rearrangements of Moroccan traditional music such as Gnawa, Melhoun, Andalussi and Ghernati music.In addition to having played with several Moroccan and foreign jazz musicians in different styles, he participated in such other musical projects as the “Palimpsests” project held in 2012 by Moroccan jazz saxophonist Karim Soussan with whom he made many arrangements for Africa United band. As a member of The Souissi Brothers Jazz Quartet, he composed several themes with a unique fusion of North African music heritage and jazz. He is currently teaching jazz piano at the Rabat American School and performing with his MoroJazz Tinge Trio/Quartet.